Jay Electronica said it best to a packed house in Brooklyn after hearing Bobby rap for the first time - “This man right here is a bearer of witness that times are changing. This man has BARS!”

Growing up in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY, Bobby was immersed in a plethora of musical inspiration — from his mother’s love of classic rock to his father’s affinity for disco, soul & Motown. It was his brother though who, aside from grunge & metal, introduced him to Hip Hop. “He was my gateway drug,” Bobby says.

Bobby began his ascent into the industry at the young age of 13 when he met "The Rhythm” rapper Kwamé, who at the time had begun his reemergence in the industry as a producer.

“I honestly don't even think I could rap when I met him,” Bobby admits. “Kwamé saw something early on & just took me under his wing. He coached me on how to make the transition into making records.” 

Ultimately, Bobby, whose sound & style are an ode to the era that birthed him, hopes his music can help inspire the imagination of new listeners. “I would like to be one of the artists of today that someone who's 11, 12 years old that may be getting into Hip Hop can look up to. That's somebody I aspire to be.” 

-Riley Wallace

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